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Announcement: Check-in Instructions upon arrival.

Theme Tracks

  • Architecture and Complexity
  • Humans in Engineering Systems
  • Infrastructure Resilience
  • Technology Management and Policy
  • Engineering Systems Education
  • Methodology




General Chair: Zoe Szajnfarber (GWU)

CESUN Exec Liaison: Larry Head (U of Arizona)

Core Technical Committee: Mark Avnet (A&M), David Barak (AT&T), David Broniatowski (GWU), Royce Francis (GWU), Erica Gralla (GWU), Babak Heydari (Stevens), Chris Paredis (Georgia Tech) and Pieter van Gelder (TU Delft)

Logistics Committee: Julie Ryan (GWU) and Rene van Dorp (GWU)